About The Financial Frolicker

About The Financial Frolicker
Frolicking with the best in the business.

The Financial Frolicker is a blog content channel for the globally aware.  It exists to serve and guide, teaching you how to build a strong financial core and a broader wealth portfolio to carry you through life by harnessing the natural power of globalism.  Along the way we will help you avoid the burning remnants of a secondary-asset ponzi scheme built over decades by generation Baby Boomer.  

We provide educated, experienced and highly unconventional wisdom in the construction and arrangement of multinational assets and lifestyles, with the special feature of providing a natural hedge to financial volatility in real estate and financial assets.

Your Faithful Chief Frolicking Officer

Your humble servant and Frolicker-in-Chief, Mark, has an adult lifetime of global experience and serious engineering, financial, and technological know-how.  He has residence and working rights in Australia, the UK, the USA, and the EU; has lived in all of them for at least a decade, holds top global school degrees in Civil Engineering and Finance, a masters in Mathematical Finance, and has completed both the CFA and FRM programs in professional finance.  He spent a long time working in infrastructure engineering, and a much longer time working in investment banking building serious pricing and risk systems.  He is a know-something guy when it comes to investing in both risky financial assets, and the land and infrastructure augmentation cycle of real-estate assets.  He has also lived across a tract of the developing world set of countries and is a firm believer in the geo-arbitrage strategies of lifestyle yield enhancement.

When he is not Frolicking you can find Mark working as a consultant in c++/c# software development for financial asset applications and providing universal javascript cloud-based expertise for online business.  He has provided solutions independently for a range of major global investment banks and stock exchanges in London, New York, Paris, Munich, and a few other places too...

Meet people like you

Join and meet our Frolickers...  Those who have detached from assumptions about the way life should be, and who contemplate the way to deal effectively with life as it is, whatever it brings, financially, while frolicking somewhere new every chance you get.  Stay tuned for a private forum for financial frolickers, landing here soon!