The Financial Frolicker - Untangling Financial Myths and Tangling with the Globe

The Financial Frolicker - Untangling Financial Myths and Tangling with the Globe
Hi! From the Financially Frolicksome
The Financial Frolicker, is a brand new episode blog designed to serve the global expatriate community of financially wise wanderers.  Our frolickers have cut their natural ties to one country, one stock market, one bond market, one housing market, and one pension state.  They take a global view of opportunity and their stance in life.  We exist to help you go out there and boldly frolick with a level of financial astuteness that matches your global preferences for risk-taking and lifestyle choice.  
We are here to guide you with unconventional insights and strategies for the global financial frolick, with some entertaining quips at the rather harsh reality of a long-running western civilisation ponzi scheme in secondary assets as we go.
Wherever and whatever your frolick, from the beaches of the Philippines, to the city squares of Germany, to the barrios of Ecuador you will find an action-packed set of episodes designed to help you improve your financial long game, and live comfortably with your short game as it happens, wherever it happens.  
Your somewhat opinionated host has done it all, and rolled his eyes at it all, becoming a somewhat wise and foolhardy guide, to transforming the would-be 40 year Labor Trek into the Financial Frolick from 40.
Presently frolicking in Essen, Germany.  Frolicked this year in New York USA, Ithaca NY USA, Berlin Germany, Leipzig Germany, Munich Germany, Nuremberg Germany; and it's only May....